What to choose in computer science?

So I am assuming that you are in the 1st year of your college, and even if you are not, then there’s nothing to feel bad about, we all got to start somewhere since it’s never late to start something which will eventually make your skill-set strong.

Working on Computer Science & IT skills and studying for Universities exams are two really different things. Most colleges and Universities will only teach you theory subjects, and that’s a fact, you won’t get much practical knowledge out of your curriculum unless you are enrolled in a top-tier University.

This article is for everybody, especially for those who are in Tier-3 colleges and who feel that they won’t get much out of it.

Let me tell you guys, it really doesn’t matter from where you get your degree, as long as you can show your recruiter that you are confident, have the determination ,willingness and the knowledge of your field then everything is already a piece of cake for you.

Starting with a Computer Science Specialization?

Computer science is really an umbrella term that encompasses a number of fields. CS professionals might work in data analytics, software engineering, computer engineering, information security, or network administration, to name just a few options.

Like the industry itself, the academic programs within computer science are also very diverse. Because computer science is such a broad area, it’s worth spending some time thinking about what aspects of CS are most interesting to you. One could start with so many specializations like web development, Android, AI, Machine learning, Cyber Security and what not.

1)First thing First: Choose a programming language of your choice. Just learn the basics of programming so that you can understand the logic when you start learning a specialization. I know it’s really boring at times but when you will apply those programming skills to make web Applications and Android Applications, you will feel much more satisfied.

There are tons of video lectures that you can find on YouTube to start with your programming. This is just an example of a programming series in JAVA and I personally feel that It’s really good…. NO PAID PROMOTIONS…LOL.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxja8wBwN0k&list=PLKKfKV1b9e8ps6dD3QA5KFfHdiWj9cB1s -Apni Kaksha JAVA Progamming + DS Algo

2)Choosing a Specialization- So this is what I did. I got into all this coding stuff when I was in 3rd semester, so yes you are right, I basically wasted my first year but remember what I told you, it’s never too late to start, what’s bad is to just keep thinking that you will start tomorrow. I started with web Development with python and Django, I worked on it for some time, made some websites for some start-ups but didn’t feel like working on it for long.

Then last year around November 2019 I started with Android Development in Flutter, and since then I have been doing that only, I just love to design applications, build UI designs and responsive screens. This is where I found my interest and it’s all about finding your interest. The first thing that you should do is doing some research about the specialization that you wish to learn, watch YouTube videos. Once you start doing all this, you will eventually know in which direction you have to move and then you won’t be needing my articles…SIGH.

3)Enroll in Courses: The best way to start your journey in a systematic way is to take online courses. You can go for coursera, unacademy, but I would personally suggest you to try Udemy. Udemy has a lot of good quality courses structured in a great way to enhance your learning.

ToolTip: Here’s a personal trick that I did when I used to take courses, Udemy comes with a 30 day money refund policy, which means that if you didn’t like any course, you can easily initiate a refund within 30 days and that money will be refunded to you.

If you just wanna explore a specialization like Android Development, buy any course on Udemy, study the lectures, practice the codes and within a week you will find out whether you are liking the course or not. If you do then you can continue with the course and if not then you can easily request for a refund.

This will just help you to cancel out the things that you don’t wish to continue with. The great thing about Udemy is that the courses are self-paced which means that you can study whenever you want and there’s no pressure of submitting assignments on time. You can even do it on coursera too but then you will have to audit the course and you won’t get a certificate. Below are some of the good courses on Udemy that you can start with.For other specializations you can search on Udemy, there are vast number of courses that you can choose from. Always read the reviews by the students before enrolling into a course.

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2020:

Android Java Masterclass — Become an App Developer:

The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed!


4)Make Projects: Projects are a great of demonstrating the knowledge and skills that you have acquired. After finishing your course, make your own projects, work on open source projects and create a strong LinkedIn profile,connect people who work in the same domain in which you are working,ask them for their guidance,Add your projects on your profile where you can demonstrate your recruiters your knowledge and skills. This will boost up your confidence. Apply to internships, gain experience and just keep yourself updated to the field in which you are working.

That’s it, this all you need to do to find your interest and work in your specialization. There’s a lot more other specializations that I haven’t included since computer is a vast domain. Just keep yourself consistent in your learning, That’s all you need to do to be different from others.

Thank you all for reading my Blog.



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Vaibhav Bhatt

Vaibhav Bhatt

Currently pursuing my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I am a Developer and make Android Applications using Flutter. Here to share my views.